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Dining | Something To Crow About - Tiktilaok

We like eating in new places we go to and we were elated when we found this.  The name itself piqued our interest.  Who would name a food resto "tiktilaok"?  They did.

Now this one we saw at the food court of SM City Cebu and we almost missed this in the area.  With other kiosks vying for your attention, we almost missed this.  Good thing this writer made a pass first around the food court thus were able to check them out nicely.

With menu prices that are affordable, wait and decide no more. This is the lunch I am taking, and have taken.

They pride them selves of inasal cooking and they said they have two best sellers, the pork belly and the chicken.  Good thing they had a dish mixing the two and this is what I had.  Costing only Php115, its a no brainer.  We were going to dig in and taste this new pride of Cebu.

Since it was just after lunch, there were not much diners so there was no queue here.  Since its a food court, your order is immediately served.   Serving wise, my order was a topping.  Its a mix of their chicken and pork belly over a bowl of rice which we found more than we can eat.  Rice was aplenty and the viand or inasal was equally relative to the rice served.  Great treat for me. Yumyum.

Now taste wise, its inasal so I really liked it.  I'm salivating right now while I write this article.  Going back, the pork and chicken were flavored nicely.  Great tasting, I would eat this thing over and over again.  Unfortunately my hotel is a bit far from them so I had to really savor this meal for now.

Price wise, who would argue about Php115?  Great serving size and taste, I am smiling ear to ear right now.  Enough said, if you are in SM City Cebu, line up and order right away, I would do so if given another chance.