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Travel | Cebu Comfort at Summit Galleria Cebu

After a short romp in the city, I was then checked in by our host to this posh hotel in Cebu City.  Called the Summit Galleria Cebu, it is conveniently located 2 blocks from Pier 4, and can be reached 45 minutes from the Airport by car or taxi.

If you are a thrifty traveler, you can take the MyBus shuttle from the Airport to SM City Cebu, then simply take the Public Utility (PU) or ride a taxi.  This option will surely save you some money in terms of transportation cost.

Upon arriving, we were welcomed by smiles and were attended to by their staff.  Check in was a breeze as we had early reservations.  Staff also helped us with our bags so going up our rooms was a welcome treat.

Elevators were elegant and very nice.  Hallways looked fresh and sweet smelling.  We felt great and does not end once we reached our rooms.  Our rooms were nicely made and this writer felt right at home.  I have been a travel person and staying in hotels is a routine for most time of the year.  All I can say, I am not that easy person to please when hotel or resort accommodations are discussed.  For this hotel, I felt at ease already.

I laid down my 50L backpack on one of the beds and I immediately changed to more comfortable clothing and slept a few minutes after.  That was how at ease I was with my room.

After a few winks, I woke up and made ready for the big event that invited us to Cebu.  Showers were soothing, I had complete toiletries provided by the hotel, I even had slippers!  I only wished I had bath robes but hey, I'm not complaining.  I am a well pampered pig here.

When we left the hotel lobby for our event, I can't wait to go back and relax a bit more.  Who wouldn't be excited to come back to the hotel? Aircon is strong, TV channels were fine (I wish there were more movie channels), WIFI is fast, room is quiet (I think they have good acoustic dampeners) and security is great (as elevators need your room key just to reach your floor).

When I came back later in the evening.  Sleep was a sure thing. Had to wake up early though as our return flight was booked early that morning.  Our breakfast buffet was waiting downstairs and their menu is special, just for their guests.  Breakfast isn't your usual is all I can say.  Some cebu regular items were there and I like the introduction of Dangguit in their buffet.  I had a bunch of them, really.

After a hearty breakfast, we packed our bags slowly (yes slowly, like we don't want yet to go back to Manila slow), and checked out.  This procedure was surprisingly fast unlike in my past travels with other hotels.  This was the fastest by far.  Considering our group were booked in three rooms, our check out procedure was done superbly fast.  Kudos to the staff of Summit Galleria Cebu.

With these kinds of praises I heaved upon this hotel, its not a surprise why this hotel have lots of guests.  We see them come and go most of the time with the limited time we stayed in the lobby.  Always people/ guests were in the lobby and their attached cafe.

If you do go to Cebu, try to look them up and make a booking with this hotel.  Surely your stay will be a pleasant one.