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Dining | What's with Hopia in Cafe Polland

Polland has been synonymous with hopia and its one of those brands we came to trust when buying in Binondo.  Yes although the purple brand is what you see prominently near the church, we still find time to seek out the famous hopia by Polland.

During our Binondo food crawl, we were directed to a cafe near the Chinatown entrance and we were greeted with this.  Cafe Polland.  Not only that we have store on hopia, we have a cafe and restaurant! Imagine that.  Prior to this, I didn't know that they had a full service restaurant to go along with their famous hopia.

So to continue with our food crawl, we got some hopia and they served us coffee to go with it.  I usually take my hopia with soft drinks but it was nice for a change to try it with something else.  Never knew having hopia with coffee would be so exhilarating.  I am not a fan of coffee yet I loved the way it went well with my hopia.  Kudos to Cafe Polland for showing me the way.

Before we start raving about their hopia, let me show you that this restaurant offers hot meals as well.  As per their menu, upfront are their US Pork Steak with Mashed Potatoes, Special Baby Back Ribs and Lechon Kawali.  This is just a few of their pork menu.  They offer poultry and fish dishes as well.

Now that we told you of these, would you like to try them out?  We will definitely.

Now going back to the hopia,  we had the pork and monggo (red bean).  Even without the coffee, they truly are remarkable.  My mouth is still watering as I write this piece.  Now paired with the coffee?  I don't know how the latter could push the feeling much further with the hopia.

Hopia now feels greater with coffee and now I crave for coffee everytime I have one.  Cafe Polland has two stores in Binondo and one in Quezon City.  It is only this one we went to and the one in Quezon City where they offer hot meals I believe.  The other store in Binondo (I might be wrong) is just their store for their products.

After our short stopover, I bought some more hopia like their pineapple and durian flavor.  They have those japanese (dice) type of hopia that my kids love.  There were more products in stock and maybe next time we will try the rest.

For more into their hopia and other products, you may visit their facebook page here