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Food | How To Eat Cheaply in Bangkok

How to eat cheaply and safely in Bangkok? Turn to the supermarkets to the rescue.

There a lot of "meals to go" in the shelves so choosing which one that tickles your fancy is not an easy task.  From the usual thai food, there are some which are similar to our Filipino food.  Such dishes we noticed were their version of our crispy pata and lechon liempo.  Just outside the supermarket, along the mall kiosks, one can see pork rinds or chicharon, sometimes with fried chicken skin.  Rellenong crabs were very enticing (50baht each) and the garlic big shrimps were calling us (100grams at 150baht).

The meals to go are about 55baht to 85baht in prices and thats cheap already compared to some fast food joints here.

If you are billeted in a hotel within the city, don't be alarmed.  There are a lot of malls within the city and for sure there's one supermarket near you.  Save up on the food and splurge on the other attractions Bangkok has to offer.