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Travel Tips | Getting a Local Sim in Thailand

Way back when internet was not that accessible, it was not necessary to buy a local sim.  You are not staying for long in another location so the need for one is not viable.  In the age of social media plus the fact internet is all around, getting one is now necessary.  As basic as food, one traveller, be it work or vacation, the need for uploading a selfie is now here.

In our travel to Thailand,  one can get a sim card at the arrival area of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.  There are I think 3 telephone companies vying for your business.  We went for AIS.  They have a big outlet in the arrival area with a good number of people to attend to the tourists.

What's great with AIS is their plan, although prepaid we felt that offered a good deal for us.  Plus the fact that they have these ready made promo packages printed in front helped a lot.  Thailand is not an english language speaking country so conversations with them isn't exactly a walk in the park.  Thanks to these printed cards, transactions are made easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

1)  Read the packages - We went for 4.5GB Non Stop Internet for 549 Baht (Php885 or USD17)  this deal is good for 30 days.  It came with Free 50 Baht worth of talk and SMS functions.

2)  Give your phone and passport to the person in the counter - They will then take out your old sim, put in a new AIS sim.  They will also do the set up and installation of needed protocols in your smartphone to avail of their services.

3)  They will return your phone and pay up -  Already set up, your smartphone is working seamlessly with their network.  They will give you the envelope that came with your sim card them showing you your local number now.  What numbers to call in checking your balance, and some emergency numbers as well.  Your old sim card is shown therein as well taped securely so you won't lose it.  Then pay.   (They only accept cash so have your Baht ready)

Now you can enjoy Thailand with the power of  social media and selfie away.