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Dining | Fatburger - Glorietta Branch

We have reviewed this one before but would it prevent us from doing it again?  No.  We liked it the other time and this one we expanded to their other menu items.  This time we ordered their rice meals, a burger and fried chicken.  We hoped to expand further our previous dining experience with this one.

The Fatburger in Glorietta is particularly silent during our visit as it was already late in the evening when we decided to have a late dinner.  Except for the sound coming off their huge LED screens, there was nary a peep from other diners whom, like us, just wanted to have a quiet dinner all to ourselves.

When we were seated, our waiter or server, immediately provided us our menus and proceeded to ask for our preferences.  He was quick to raffle off some suggestions upon our mention of rice meals or combos.  We took heed of his suggestions and got the burger and the fried chicken rice meals.

It took some time for our order to arrive and good thing I had company then, so I didn't notice the wait.  All I know was I was watching a basketball game and I think one quarter passed by still no food on our table.  As I was enamoured with our conversation, with time to kill, I was in no hurry to have my food delivered.  Lucky them I guess.

When the food finally arrived, I first noticed the serving size.  Of how huge they are if compared to your usual restaurant servings.  The burger was thick, the cup used to portion the rice was meant for the giant in BFG. Same goes with my Fried Chicken, I had huge chunks of breaded chicken and goes same with the size of my rice.  So size is a great plus in this expanded meal we ordered.

Now comes the taste.  The burger was a welcome treat but the gravy was a bit off.  We felt it didn't complement the decent burger we had.  The side dish was off as well.  My fried Chicken was heavily breaded that I can feel how thick it was, I knew when my breading ends and my chicken begins.  Tastewise their chicken was fine, tastes like chicken.  Even with the thick and tasty breading, it tasted like chicken, thank God.  I didn't use the gravy though as it was so salty.  My breading on my chicken is already fine, and dipping it in the gravy wasn't tickling my fancy.

I forgot to note down the cost of this visit but I know it wasn't more than Php1,000, and that includes the bucket of beer already.  For a quiet night, decent food, with beer in hand, and a great company, we think that this place is a nice watering hole.  This place is surrounded with LED screens so I presume this is the best place to watch Pacquiao fight.  Not in the senate but inside the ring, if he still does not retire.

(As of January 29, 2019 Zomato mentions that this place is permanently closed.)