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Dining | Icebergs in Manila

Something that we don't see very often is this Icebergs.  Actually we haven't tried this restaurant even once.  During one of our waiting periods, we happened to see this in Harbour Square opposite that of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. 

Icebergs is best known for their halo halo and even when its December, we would like to try first time this fabled summer concoction.  Here's to coldness.

It was late afternoon and it was getting dusk and people have yet to finish office work so the place wasn't filled yet.  It had a spacious dining area inside and they have tables likewise outside if you want to dine al fresco, complete with huge umbrellas.

Since it was a humid December day, we opted to stay indoors where airconditioning is available.

For a cold concoction you would not think they would still have a menu, I was wrong.  They had a thick menu offering hot rice meals, sandwiches and drinks.  I came in with only one order in my mind, their halo halo.

Servers were aplenty so ordering was quick.  Now lets see how they fared well with service.  Gladly the order came in fast.  In such short a time, I had a glimpsed of the famous Icebergs Super Halo Halo.

Usually menu pictures are not accurate and is not near to the actual product.  It is true in this case.  The product was far more than what was in their picture.  Less of ice, and more of the ingredients were present in my Super Halo Halo.  That's great serving size if you ask me.  No complaints so far.

Ambience was great, as there were a few people with me.  Even if filled, I think their airconditioning can handle the place quite well.  There were a lot tables so I know they can handle large crowds as well.

Now to the taste.  With ingredients of my favorite things, like two scoops of ice cream, jackfruit, some cereals, and sweet beans.  I know milk is in there as well, swirling all the flavours in a wonder mix of goodness.  

It's been a while since I had halo halo this good.  Prior to this I had one on a sidewalk near the shore of Pundaquit.  That costed me Php50 and it was just fine to quench the summer heat.  But this Iceberg Super Halo Halo that costed me Php138, was something else.  The coldness of the shaved ice wasn't the main feature but the taste of all in ingredients.  

With the price, great ambiance, fast service, nice halo halo, we will surely find our way here when summer sets in.

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