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Travel Tips | Frequently Asked Questions About Boracay

Boracay has now re-opened.  Planning to a trip to Boracay.  Here we are breaking down some tips to have a worry free trip to paradise.

Is Boracay opened?
Yes its opened.  The port and roads might not be fully finished yet but the island is now open to guests.

Can we travel to Boracay?
Yes, provided you are within the number of guest limit provide for by the Department of Tourism.

How do we know we are allowed to stay in Boracay?
If you have a booking confirmation sheet from a DOT accredited hotel in Boracay.  Please see list of accredited hotels attached to this article.  We suggest a booking two weeks prior to arrival so your hotel can arrange all the necessary paperwork.

Can we book a hotel on the day of our arrival?
Yes, the DOT personnel on site can help you with your booking.  Doing such will afford you an assurance that your preferred hotel will be available.  

If I have relative in Boracay, can we visit?
Yes, you can still visit relatives living in Boracay.  Your relatives will have to accomplish and submit a form stating you as their relatives visiting.

Do we need passports to go to Boracay?
Not necessary as Boracay is still within the Philippines.  A Valid ID is what's required to support your booking confirmation sheet.  A passport though is the usual preferred form of identification requested by a hotel.

Can we book by Airbnb?
Sadly Airbnb bookings are still not accredited with the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Can we do a daytrip to Boracay?
Yes, daytrips are still allowed in Boracay.  Simply leave a valid ID that can be claimed upon return to the mainland of Caticlan.  No need to present a booking confirmation sheet.

Here are the list of DOT accredited hotels in Boracay as of December 31, 2018.  List will be updated from time to time thereafter.  Please check out the DOT Facebook page for updates on this.

As the Department of Tourism (DOT) together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) rehabilitated the islands, we strongly suggest visitors and guests help in maintaining Boracay.  It would be such a waste of efforts if we let the island slip back to its pre-closing conditions.  Give our children a clean Boracay, Follow Rules.

Photo by Philippine Star / Infographic by ABS CBCN News