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Dining | Bonchon's Snackwich is Good for Snack?

I didn't know that Bonchon had this kind of burger or sandwich.  I knew them offering a decent fried chicken meal thus during this visit, we got to try them out.

Bonchon in Alphaland Southgate was quiet compared to other branches.  So dining here is serene as per our visit.  Although this mall picks up traffic after 5pm, so maybe expect more diners at that time.

Now their snackwich is decent in serving size.  The snackwich alone is big so having a combo with it is a great one indeed.  It offers an ample serving of their thin french fries and a juice drink.  They also gave plastic utensils and I wonder why.  I like these eaten with my hands.

Taste wise, I was happy that the buns were soft and sweet.  It went well with the patty and the condiments in them.  So soft the buns, wins it for me.  Now the fries were crispy unlike their competitors.  Not that salty but full of flavor.  I like them more over the others.  What I just don't like is them being thin.

Price wise, the snackwich alone costs Php89 while the combo is Php149.  It's well within my budget friendly wallet so I can't complain there.  Their other menu items are alien to me in terms of cost but this one is a good deal for me.  Price goes well with taste and decent serving made me a believer of Bonchon.

For more details on them, visit them here