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Dining | A Step Back in Time - Tokyo Tokyo

Its been decades since we first start dating and one of our usual dates end up here in Tokyo Tokyo.  Great food at great prices.  For a new graduate, working first time doesn't give much of the salaries if you ask me.  And we try our best to afford the best food based on our resources.

For our visit here, we reminisced by ordering the same sumo meals we always order.   The Tonkatsu or fried pork.

Serving size, I seem to remember the bento box was of the same.  Had four partitions in them, one was for the Tonkatsu sauce, one for the vegetables, a bit of beef misono and the main dish, the pork Tonkatsu.  Dishes are good for two still, glad about this, and the best part, it got unlimited rice.  Glad they did continue with the last one.

Taste wise, it brought back my yesteryear.  It had the same flavour that we liked and flashbacks of our younger years come flooding back.  The beef misono wasn't salty, but was flavourful.  The Tonkatsu wasn't burnt much to our delight.  Crispy yet juicy and yummy in the inside.  Veggies were not that greasy, cooked just right, still crunchy as well.

This meal costs Php330 as of our visit, I remember it costing half of that when we first dated here, but Php330 is still affordable.  Divide into two, costing Php165 each, coming with unlimited rice and red ice tea, its a great deal for my wallet.

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