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Dining in Aklan | Sabroso Lechon - Caticlan

When you reach Caticlan Jetty Port, you might find a familiar name of a restaurant here.  Its Sabroso Lechon.  The lechon house you love in Manila can be found here in Caticlan albeit much smaller.  Its a hole in the wall type of restaurant here serving affordable meals except for lechon (which they said was available in much bigger branches).

Keeping to our tradition of finding budget meals while on vacation, we are fortunate to have found Sabroso.  We got their bopis meal (Php90) and their lechon paksiw meal (P100).

Both meals come with a cup of rice and nothing more.  Both had good serving sizes based what was served.  After eating the meals, got fed very good.  For the price, was surprised about the servings.  Service wise, our orders came fast.  Maybe the food was already pre-cooked and it was the re-reheating process that was quick.  Nevertheless I can't complain.

Tastewise, the bopis lacks salt per my taste, its not the best I have eaten but it wasn't bland either.  You can still taste the liver, carrots and what else are there in a bopis.  I like the bopis which was taken from yesterdays foods and somehow the re-heating adds more flavor to it.  Theirs was fresh and first pre-cooked, so maybe this is the reason why it lacks what I was expecting.  As to their lechon paksiw, who doesn't love lechon paksiw?  I love the ones that came from an actual lechon and not that of the fried variety.  So I was elated to taste and savor this lechon paksiw meal of theirs.  This was delicious, its not everyday you get a chance.  Hmmmmmmm.

The dining area is shared with one more restaurant yet it was adequate.  Floors were clean and smelling fresh, tables and chairs were likewise the same.  Eating here is a god send if you are not into the carenderia.  This one has the facets of urban life in an almost rural setting.

Price wise?  Who could beat the Php190 total bill that's good for two people already?  Throw in the serving size in consideration, I like the bill already.  Payment is also a breeze, aside from cash, they accept GCash which was very convenient.  You need all the cash when you are in the provinces, so doing cashless payments is a great idea.  No need to find an ATM in a remote area.  Although Caticlan may not be considered rural, but hey, its less worry for you during your vacation time.

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