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Dining in Bangkok | Everythings A Hoot with Hooters - Silom

Bangkok is also known for their red light district.  Although this maybe true, we did not have the time to try this out.  What we were able to do was sample a bit of this night life in Silom through a Hooters Bar.

Hooters Bar is restaurant is open already at 11am serving food and drinks like any ordinary restaurant.  It is actually like a sports bar offering live feeds of games on their huge LED screens where you can order your favorite food and drinks.  The only difference here is that the servers are women in white tank tops and are called "hooter girls".

The one in Silom that we visited was particularly nice, and what's even more gratifying is the fact that the manager there happens to be a Filipina.  All their servers were fluent in english so no lost in translation here.  One can have a lovely time here for sure.  Your favorite sport with beer in hand, is a good time to spend some down time in Bangkok.  Having the manager as "kabayan", their level of service goes higher a bit.  I spent two pints of beer here with beef nachos on the side.

During our stay, we had some diners on the next table who were british (I noticed their thick english accent).  A bunch of backpackers I presume who had a few pints ahead of me.  They were loud already, not rowdy, but clearly was having a great time with their new friends.  

It was still 10pm and the place was already half full and was alive I per my estimate.  Beers were fast when ordered, and food was delivered the same as well.  They are all efficient I might say for a sports bar.  Usual bars take time when delivering orders (I was comparing them with bars in Manila).  I was surprised with this, and I liked it.

Servers were nice and were always smiling - Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles so that must be it.

What we liked with this place?

1)  Music is not so loud - you still discern some sound from their TV if you are that kind of person.  You can still have some talk with a friend in this place.

2)  Accessible - they are located along a main thoroughfare so getting a cab or grab car is easy on your way home.

3)  Price - affordable by Bangkok standards.

4)  Food - great and the beer is served cold.

5)  Ambiance - decent unlike what you hear about Bangkok bars.  Servers were all in smiles always.

6)  Service - super fast. Enough said.

7)  Heineken - I love this beer and they serve it here.

8)  The selfie

It took me an hour a half to gulp down two pints and my beef dish.  It was already 1130pm and I was going back to my hotel and still people were coming in droves.  A very popular hangout and a decent one at that.  A very good place to spend idle time and have some few drinks.  My bill came fast as well, and my change was exact, capping another "one for the road" evening for yours truly.

I do hope to come back in Bangkok soon and for sure, I'll dropby Hooters Silom once more.