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Entertainment | Love Finally Comes for Patty in I Love You LC

The newest romance comedy is coming to theaters on February 27, 2019.  A story about a plus sized woman's journey of weight loss.  The movie was premiered last February 23 at the Fishermall in Quezon City in front of the media.

The movie tackles the infatuation of our lead, Patty Sandoval (played by Jef Gaitan) on Lloyd (played by Marlon Marcia).  The former had a notion that the latter was also enamoured to her only to find out that he could never love a plus sized woman.

Distraught by this fact, she vowed to lose weight and in her search for a method, she chanced upon the Low Carb Intermittent Fasting (LCIF) community.  A group dedicated to a trending new concept in losing weight.  Its not a diet fad or method, the concept merely rests on the individual reducing carbohydrate intake.  Our protagonist did the LCIF method and achieves a curvaceous figure in a matter of months. 

Although true love is blind, the film's story in itself focuses more on the journey of our lead, on how LCIF helped her overcoming her insecurities, of loving herself first.  A truly powerful movie on the subject of obesity yet does not fully dwell on the physicality of it.  Catch more of this journey on February 27, in selected theaters around Metro Manila.

photos provided by Donna Raquiza