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Travel | EG Condotel Second Time Around in Kalibo Aklan

It's January once again and its time of the Ati-Atihan and the celebration of the Feast day of the Sto. Nino.  We were here last year upon their invitation to join the festivities in Kalibo, Aklan.  When I was first invited I thought it would just be another provincial trip for Katooga.PH.  A hotel review plus a coverage of the festivities which proved to be great, it was just another work related vacation I initially believed.

What we thought of a work trip has become a religious one, this we will discuss in another lengthy article.  For now we shall discuss more our experience with EG Condotel, our stay for the second time around.

Its been a year since we last stayed here and the service haven't waned a bit.  In fact, service was improved as for our visit, they had more staff attending to their guests.  The rooms are still tidy and neat, and the food is as yummy as ever.

Located in Magdalena Village in Kalibo, Aklan, they can be easily reached by taking a tricycle from the various transport terminals in the city.  Coming to Kalibo is also easy as a bus, van ride from Caticlan, Roxas City, and Ilo-ilo City.  Just say their name to the tricycle driver they will be able to lead you to their doorstep.

Coming through those glass doors, you will be greeted with smiles.  As I said earlier, they have a bigger staff during this visit thus we were greeted with more smiles :).  Our room was already prepared so we were guided to it already.  After a long travel from Batangas to Caticlan, then a bus ride to Kalibo, a tricycle ride up to here, the bed looked so comfortable to this weary traveller.

Our room was on the top floor and we were the only room at that level.  So our room had the whole lobby to ourselves.  It also had a sink where we can do our own laundry, a clothes line was also available, a stove and some kitchen utensils with pots and pans.  All these were made available to us on this said floor. Wow.  

Going inside our room, we had a LED TV, a refrigerator, a tall closet, another sink and a kitchen counter, an electric kettle with complimentary water, 3-in-1 coffee.  Inside our bathroom, complimentary toiletries like toothbrush, bath soap and shampoo are available.  For a hotel room in the provinces, these amenities are something that what I can premium already.  And there's WIFI, God bless EG Condotel for this and making us comfortable as well during our stay.

To add more to the premium we are getting, the channels on their TV was something else.  Almost all of my favorite channels are available.  Who needs Netflix with the number of channels on their TV.  Okay okay no one can compete with Netflix when films there are on demand.  Cable channels are push technology but still, upon threat from Netflix, shows or films in the latter surprisingly were new.  The shows were great that getting out of your room is not an easy feat.

Entertainment great, next was their food.  Food prices were affordable although we were served the normal breakfasts.  We didn't try anything fancy, the usual breakfasts like hotdogs, eggs and longganisa were fine.  I can't complain as I like the way they were cooked and served.  Other dishes like Sinigang na baboy, boneless bangus, tocino were equally nice as well when served whenever we were there lunch and dinner.

Overall, the staff was great, food was great, room was tidy and smelled nice, entertainment (Cable Channels) was more than enough, I can say that compared to last year?  This visit was far more enjoyable.  I enjoyed last year, don't get me wrong,  but this time, it was much more memorable.  

I am praying again that my "Panaad" can be fulfilled again in 2020, so pray pray pray.....

For inquiries and bookings with EG Condotel, you may contact them via mobile at +63 908 669 0037 or their facebook page at