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Dining in Bangkok | IiZuiiN

Food is a universal language.  We may have differences in the spoken language, we can't understand each other, but food is the key to world peace.

When in Thailand, its easy to be lost in translation.  Wait, may I correct that, there's no translation.  They can understand English, but somehow they are not adept in answering in English.  They are so nationalistic that they like speaking their language more than English.  This disparity in language is not their handicap when culinary specialties are in discussion.

What's there to speak of?  Just sit in a restaurant, ask for a menu, look at the pictures, look at the prices (numbers are the same), point to what you like and smile.  Make a sign for "one", then order is taken.  Wait, then your food is served.  No spoken words, message sent, message received.

This was the case in IiZuiiN.  A well lit restaurant near the Impact Center in Bangkok, Thailand.  Impact Center is their huge exhibition hall where the Miss Universe 2018 was held.  Along its outskirts lie commercial and residential areas that cater to the needs of its visitors.  This restaurant is one of those serving and we got to try them out.

After getting my order, my food was served in a fastidious manner.  No long wait, just a few minutes, piping hot dishes arrived one after the other.  I ordered stir fried pork strips and with some spring rolls and sticky rice.

The pork strips were juicy and tasty, the spring rolls were filled with vegetables and were crispy.  Sticky rice was sticky. LOL.  The dishes were almost similar to our Filipino food, but the sticky rice is something that one must adjust to.  It isn't your usual jasmine rice, but somewhat of the glutinous kind.  So its sweet, chewy and a bit heavy too. 

Along with my my meal, I ordered a popular cola as well.  Some say that when you are in a foreign country, instead of ordering house or service water, one must order canned or bottled drinks.  We were just careful as our stomach may react adversely to the water in that foreign country.  Actually I usually order bottled water, but seeing their cola was of another brand, I can't wait to try them out.  Taste was not bad, it was sweet as cola, so I indulged.

Going back to my meal, I had a great time dining here.  Not much diners, I came in dinner time, but I wonder where were the people?  Maybe dinner time for locals here is different from what I was accustomed to.  I wonder where they are.  Even with this bewilderment, I appreciate the open spaces, I was able to savor my meal with gusto.  I was focused on my meal. Yey....

After eating, I made a sign language for "bill out" like a filipino.  Made a square with my hands (typical Filipino).  I wonder if they understood me, and yes they did.  I wonder if they are Filipino as well, LOL.  After a few minutes, my bill arrived.  It was for THB210 or Php347.  A bit pricey for a meal, but since the servings were more than enough for me, I was able to "doggy bag" it and brought it to my hotel.  I ate the same as my "midnight snack".

I can't say the food was impeccable here, but what I like was the smiles the staff bestowed upon me, a puzzled, hungry tourist.  Truly Thailand holds true to its monicker, the Land of Smiles.  Language maybe a bit of a hassle at first, but food as the language, sweeten it up with a smile, your dining experience will be memorable here in Bangkok.

the name of the restaurant I assumed to be "IiZuiiN" as no one inside speaks english.  if you know how to read the name, please do email it to, I shall appreciate it very much.