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Travel | Travelling to Boracay Via 2Go

They say going to Boracay is something they put in the bucket list.  Its something expensive most say, but we were not deterred by this.  Boracay is something that we all Filipinos should enjoy.  It's not only for Foreign tourists that it should be enjoyed and we had to find a way to reach this beautiful paradise.

Find a way we did.

We had to address the cost issue as something why people don't go to Boracay.  Plane costs alone deters local tourists, they have to shell out roughly Php8,000 for a round trip, just for the ticket.  You will spend almost the same amount on hotel cost and food.  With this total, people simply can't just say lets go to Boracay.

We had to address the transport cost and we did.  Check out our blog how to reach Boracay on a Php5,000 budget inclusive of food and travel costs and hotel here -

This article will focus more on our low cost of travel via 2Go going to Caticlan.

Buying a ticket can be done through a booking agent (although we haven't tried this - we can't be sure if it costed more) or simply book a ticket via online.

Choose Batangas as your origin, then Caticlan as destination.  Currently there are two boats going there and they leave daily.  So you get to choose two trips daily going to Caticlan, 10am and 9pm.  We chose the latter as it reaches its destination by 6am the following day.  

Super Value Class

Next page lets you choose which accommodation you want.  Cheapest is the Super Value Class Php798, its a bunk bed with no airconditioning.  Limited number of toilet facilities.  Up next is the Tourist Class Php888, same bunk bed but with airconditioning and a good number of toilet facilities.  Next up are the cabins of 4 or 6 Php1,418++.  Add still the insurance and taxe to all these prices, still they cost a lot lower than booking for an airline ticket.  We chose the Tourist Class, and paid for Php1,247 per person, inclusive of insurance and taxes already.

Tourist Class

Proceed to fill in the required boxes you can pay securely at the same website your ticket.  An email of the ticket will be sent and you got to print the same.  Photocopy also the front side of the credit card you used to pay, just in case they need it.  This is important specially if your ticket was paid for by someone else.  (Bring also a valid ID)

Once you have this on hand. We travelled from Alabang to Batangas City Port.  Its just one ride so it was easy.  If you are coming from Manila or Quezon City, there are buses that go the same way so effortless to go.  Simply sleep off the 3-4 hours of travel time to the Port.

Once in the Port, simply pay the Php30 terminal fee, pass through the security check, check in, then simply wait in the pre departure area.  The latter isn't like your airport lounges, they have lots of food kiosks for variety and they don't cost the same.  Food are aplenty and affordable.  They also have small tv screens for entertainment but simply use them as a distraction.  You can't watch movies or shows off of it.

When its time to board, there will a last security check then you are boarded.

A lot of 2Go staff are on hand to guide you to your bunk and its easy.  You will reach your bunk in no time.  The bed you have is just a mattress and a pillow, you can get linens for it at designated counters but simply presenting your ticket and depositing a valid ID.  (As per lady in the counter, keep watch over your linen and pillowcase as there are some who take them - giving you a hard time recovering your ID if you lose them).  Linen and pillowcase are free, but you can rent blankets and additional linens for a fee.

There are no security deposit boxes so always carry your valuables with you.  Unlike our trip last year, there were made available, this time however, they replaced it with open style shelves for big luggage.

Your ticket also shows how many meals are given.  Travelling morning, you are alloted 2 meals, if by evening just one.  Bring your ticket to the galley, or restaurant, you will be served your food.  Consisting only with one viand and a cup of rice.  Should you want an upgrade, you can buy additional viands for Php115 with dessert.  No water available so you have to buy bottled from them.  (Tip, bring a water bottle with you and fill up before boarding.  If you like coffee, there is free hot water in the Galley.  Also queue up early as all the people with meals go up the same time).

For those travelling in the evening, night entertainment is available.  They have a band that plays your favorites until midnight.  They sell beer also so it caps your night entertainment nicely.  For those travelling in the morning, the area is transformed to a sitting area where you watch waves as the boat rolls over the ocean.  (Tip - for smokers, this is the only area made available for you).

As the boat is rocking to the waves, they create a lullaby effect for you that lulls you to sleep.  Although the lights in your area are not switched off, you can make use of your linen.  If your bunk is located below, you can make them as curtains. 

Still if you can't sleep, you can go around the rest of the ship.  They have lobby that you can while your time complete with a convenience store and small cafe and a gift shoppe.  Sadly there is no WIFI on the ship so you really on your Mobile Data, and hope that you travel near land to get a signal.  Sometimes you get a signal, most of the time you don't.  In the Tourist class area, you can't get a signal.  Top deck offers the signal if available.

Getting the Tourist Class is a great choice.  Shower rooms a plenty, Toilets are a good number, with 3 lavatories and ample number of urinals (for the men), seldom do I see queues forming in these, except maybe before arriving.

After nine hours of travel, you will reach Caticlan Jetty Port.  Its the same port where you take it to Boracay.  After off loading your boat, simply make a u turn towards the entrance of the Jetty Port where you will check your Boracay Accommodation.

Our trip to Caticlan via 2Go was pleasant enough.  Nice enough to travel to Boracay comfortably and in acceptable time frame.  Costing us only Php2,500 round trip per pax, its the most affordable trip we got going to Boracay.

For more information about 2Go, visit their website here or their facebook at

Should you like to bring your car there, the boats are RORO or Roll On Roll Off, you can do so.