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Dining | Cafe Felisa - Roxas City Capiz

Roxas City is known for its seafood and its a culinary treat whenever we pass through here.  Through a Cafe Felisa is located at San Antonio Resort, a nice hotel along Baybay Beach.  Although not beachfront, they still get a whiff of the sea breeze coming inland.

As suggested by our local friend, we tried our dinner here.  Its a bit of a stretch for us, since we were billeted at the Roxas Midtown, taking a tricycle in the evening isn't easy when you are in the provinces.  Difficult as it maybe for us, the travel was well worth the effort.

First off, the place is quiet.  It may be along the Baybay beach road, but during dinnertime, there isn't much traffic.  If you like having quiet dinners, then this place is it for you.  Seldom do we have quiet dinner dates like this one and we appreciate the moment so much.

Second, the interiors of the cafe is simply gorgeous.  Cool tone down colors, nothing strikes your eye in a bad way.  Everything soothes inside and I can't help myself to feel romantic during our visit. I was with my better half so the ambiance helped a lot with what I felt during dinner.

Third, staff were always smiling and very courteous.  Fourth, food is delicious.  We ordered baby back ribs and salmon for our meals.  Our ribs were soft and juicy, salmon was cooked right and very much flavorful and sweet.  Side dishes complement the main adding to a delightful dining experience.  Our mashed potatoes were creamy and full of taste, the vegetables crisp.  We can't ask for anything more.

And our fruit shakes? very fresh indeed.  A great nightcap to a very eventful dinner.

For more information about them, simply click here;

If you are in Roxas City Capiz, and would like to experience the same, tell the tricycle driver to take you to San Antonio Resort in Baybay Beach.  They might not know where Cafe Felisa is, but for sure they know the resort.