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Dining in Bangkok | Cafe Bangrak - Silom

Cafe Bangrak is just a corner away from our hotel, Dusit Thani Bangkok and if you are into local cuisine, this place is a nice treat.

Thailand is Thailand so better check out their menu right away.  Language can be a hindrance sometimes but food somehow is universal.  There was no one in this cafe who speaks english so its better to ask for their menu.  They have English translations on them and the pictures really help a lot.

Ambience played a key role in our dining here and immediately we were enamored by its interiors.  Cool airconditioning, clean furniture, nice bric a bracs, with properly placed shelves, all so inviting for you to eat here. 

For this breakfast of ours, we tried the Beef with Black Pepper Sauce (THB195 or PHP324) and the Red Curry with Prawns (THB185 or PHP307).

Since it was morning, they just opened shop, there were not much diners during our visit.  So it's no surprise that order was served in less time.  Even if the staff did not speak english, he was always in smiles.  Truly we are in the Land of Smiles.

Our servings were good for 4 people and yet we were two on this visit.  Imagine our surprise when this was served on our table.  We had a cup of rice each as well so we were so full when we were done.

If you like spicy food, then this place is it.  This writer is not a spicy lover but somehow this one places right with my taste buds.  It was hot but it was flavorful.  I loved the dishes even if I was sweating heavily here.  A must try if you are in the area.