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About Town | Good Luck JanJep Our Rep for Mr. Gay World 2019

The recent send off party with media friends over snacks at the ONE 690 Entertainment Bar, Quezon City. We had the chance to meet the candidate for the upcoming Mr. Gay World 2019, who will represent the Philippine flag, Mr. Farenheit 2019, Jeffrey "Janjep" Carlos.

He's a model, actor, dancer, successful realtor and businessman from Cavite. He loves spending most of his fee time at the gm and workout with his friends. He is also a volleyball athlete and a varsity player when he was at Cavite State University where he took up Hotel & Restaurant Management.

"I joined the national search because I really wanted to represent the Philippines in  the international contest", he stated. "It's not somethings I decided in a snap. I joined our national pageant twice.That's how motivated I am to get this title. I joined because I want to maximize the potential I can get by winning this pageant, not just for myself but for my advocacy", he added. "I am a fighter. Loosing at the first attempt didn't get in my way of diving it again another try. I believe that you can only consider it a failure unless you stop trying", quipped by the 41 year old gay role model.

Besides his perfect physique and intelligence, he has the charisma that fascinates the judges and audience. "There are things we cannot really explain to how it happen, but we just feel it. Like my connection to most of the people I am dealing with. I can let them feel that I am sincere to anything I say or to any task I am committed to. I am very positive person and I let that shine in me, and this I think will make a stand out," shared by the charmer with almost half a million followers in social media.

Aside from keeping himself fit, he also loves to travel and explore different countries. "It widens my horizons in understanding the different cultures, values and issues that have created global impact,"stated by the hunky Caviteno.

For his advocacy, he will bring mental health awareness not only in the country but in global community. "I think it's very timely and relevant. We've heard so much about mental health issues and it's getting worse. In my own little way, I want to spread awareness about depression, so people will know what to do in case they feel some of the symptoms of this psychiatric illness that is affecting us and our loved ones." he said.

Carlos recently worked with Mental Health Ph, an organization that promotes mental health awareness throughout social media. He also visited the Cape Mental Health in South Africa, a mental rehabilitation facility catering to impoverished communities. "Be informed. Reach out to people with depression. Together we can turn this illness to wellness", he confidently shared. Hence his hashtag to support his cause #IllnessToWellness .

He promised he'll give his best to represent the country.

Support Jeffrey "Janjep" Carlos in the upcoming Mr. Gay World 2019 by liking and sharing his video on all social media platforms. The event will be held on April 28 to May 5, 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.