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Travel | How to Keep Beaches and Shorelines Clean

Its summer time once again and many of us will be trooping to the beaches.  We always want to go to virgin beaches as we like it pristine and white at least.  If you are like me, then others will troop to the same location once we upload in Instagram our great beach pictures.  The beach will not clean itself and locals won't be able to maintain it's cleanliness after hordes of tourist arrive before.  To keep it clean so that you have something beautiful to come back to, here are our tips to making our beaches in pristine condition.

Keeping them clean.

1.  Bring Reusables Plates, Bottles and Utensils

To keep garbage to a minimum, use reusables items.  Dont use disposable things that will add to the ever growing problem of garbage.  One less item thrown will lessen the instance of it going into our environment or into our oceans.

2.  Pick Up Garbage

We know that most beaches charge Environmental Fees ranging from Php30-100.  This one should cover for cleaners that will take care disposing of our garbage.  This amount does not mean you will just throw your trash all around for cleaners to pick up.  Don't be rude, be considerate not only to them, but to mother nature as well.  Do your share in keeping the environment clean, pick up that garbage, even if its not yours.

3.  Don't drink alcohol on the beach

During our younger years, we were guilty of such pleasures.  Cool breeze with beer or alcohol in hand, it surely is a great experience if you ask us.  We were okay then to do this as we were responsible enough to throw our bottles in the trash bins.  Others weren't the same, we have seen broken shards of glass on the beaches and this poses great problems to those walking on them.  I can't imagine the cuts on the feet should one steps on them.  Be a responsible citizen, don't drink on the beaches.  If you can't help it, use plastic reusable glasses and bring the alcohol in reusable containers or ice boxes.

Protect Wildlife

4.  Use Metal Straws or better yet, don't use plastic straws

We found out in recent news articles that some plastic straws, snags beaks or mouths of sea creatures or were found inside stomachs of carcasses.  To minimize the unintentional consumption or accidental entanglement, ask the restaurants to refrain from serving your drinks with plastic straws.  Some offer paper straws which we liked, but bringing your own metal straws will go a long way.

5.  Don't feed the fish while snorkelling

As part of its tourism activities, some resorts offer fish feeding in their itineraries.  This is a great experience for tourists, but unknowingly we are doing a great disservice to the sea creatures.  When we feed them, they lose their ability to hunt for food thus increasing their dependence on human interaction.  This increase lessens their ability to hunt for food, lessening their chances of survival on their own.  We do hope they stop this practice.

6.  Use Reef Safe Sunscreen Products

Who would like sunburns?  Of course we use sunscreens to keep us skin white as always.  To help combat UV rays that darken our skin, there are chemicals in our sunscreens that harm our precious corals.  If you love our environment, let's stay away from these products that contain Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3), Octinoxate (Octyl Methoxycinnate) and Avobenzone (Benzophenone).  These cause DNA deformations in coral larvae and coral bleaching.  There are other chemicals that cause harm that if can be helped, don't use sunscreens at all.

7.  Refrain from creating Sand Castles

We know that a lot of sea creatures dwell on the sand.  Turtles are known to lay their eggs in them, crabs make habitats and some fish dig themselves underneath.  Imagine them being dug up when you make these beautiful sand castles on the beach.

8.  Don't disturb wildlife

People are social creatures and we like to talk and shout and make loud noises.  This social activity disturbs wildlife, confuses them and affects their mating rituals.  They also steer away from humans that they are being pushed out of their habitats.  Another activity that does the same thing is the creation of bonfires.  So please keep quiet and do not create bonfires.

9.  Don't pick up or buy Endangered Species souvenirs

While walking on the beach, you might find some fish, seashells, or starfish that is washed a shore.  Refrain the urge to touch or pick up these beautiful creatures to bring home as souvenirs.  They should be returned back to the sea.

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