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Dining | How to Be Cool Up North - Halo Halo De Iloko

Somewhere up north there's a great treat waiting for you.  To be more specific, this one we visited is located in the City of San Fernando in La Union.  For this occasion, we were under the summer heat and what best to quench our dry throats is by partaking in one of La Union's pride, Halo Halo De Iloko.

After weaving through traffic, we finally reached this place.  We suspect there were a lot of people inside after we noticed a lot of parked cars on the street.  This place is famous.

Going in, we were welcomed by the ambiance of an old wooden home.  A group of servers were also at hand greeting us with big smiles.  A nice way to start the experience and it didn't stop there.

Although there were other items on their menu, we skipped those for now and went straight to what made them famous, their Halo Halo de Iloko.  We ordered right away even though we haven't found a table for us just yet.  There were a lot of diners during our lunch time visit so we had to wait a while for our servers to find a table and have us seated.

There were a lot of servers during this time so our order came a few minutes after we were seated.  Immediately we took our shots of the famous halo halo and boy they are instagrammable.  Presentation wise, I can 't complain, but instead, I am proud of what they did to it.  This will score likes on my instagram.

Serving wise, the halo halo was placed on a tall ice cream glass and half of it wasn't all ice.  Ingredients were aplenty thus we can't wait to taste this chilly treat.

Taste wise? Yummy indeed and creamy.  There's ingredients that were sweet and blends well with the ice and milk.  A truly cool respite from the hot summer winds during this time of the year.  Refreshing is the word I would describe our experience and we do hope we get to sample this culinary delight in the near future.

Our Fiesta halo Halo is worth Php99 each and with the serving and taste being as it is, we could say it was deserving of its price.  Not that expensive though yet every slurp a yummy adventure.  We were glad that we took time off and dropped by this place.  It was a nice treat before we started going back to Manila.  

Again, we would like to take opportunity to try this again when we shall be back to City of San Fernando, La Union.  Thanks Halo Halo de Iloko for the courtesies and hospitality.