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Dining in Bangkok | Connected with Spirits in Wine Connection

Its our usual thing to wine and dine literally in a restaurant but this was an exception.  Since we were Bangkok, we had to try out as much as we can about their culinary culture.  Having seen them preparing these luscious lobsters the other day, my colleague decided to try them for himself.

I was on another food trip cum review in MBK Center when my friend messaged me that he was having a quiet dinner at Wine Connection.  He asked me if I wanted to join him over some glass of wine.  Sounds romantic I said and I obliged.

I was just right on time when I arrived.  The lobster was just served and it looked super super super delectable.  With salad on the side, the whole dish was just nice to look at.  Wait till you taste it.

The taste was exquisite, see, i used the term exquisite when I having an expensive meal.  This means the price is well worth the experience.  The lobster was juicy and very flavourful.  The sauce poured over the lobsters were gracious, and complemented well with the sweet succulent meat.  The only thing that made me wanting was the fact that the lobster served was good for only one person.  

The Wine Connection we tried can be found in the basement of Silom Center, near Dusit Thani Bangkok.

For more information about them, you can visit their facebook page here