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Dining | Quick Lunch Meals with Super Bowl of China

What do you do when you're stuck for lunch in Mall of Asia?  Well, eat at your favorite restaurant.  In our case its the Super Bowl of China.

I don't know with what they have but it seemed that their food always seem to comfort me always.  From noodles to rice toppings to dimsum, it always hit the right spots for me and my family.

In this case, we were still hungry so off we went to Super Bowl of China.

For our visit, we have chosen Beef with Broccoli (Php180). A favorite rice topping for us, we simply can't get enough of this dish.  To add to our excitement, while waiting, Super Bowl serves a bowl of crispy cracklets or fish crackers.  Consider this as your appetizer.  A bowl might not be enough for a starving diner like me, so ordering another bowlful is just right.

When you are finished with two bowlfuls of those yummy crackers, your order will arrive just in time.  We have also ordered some siomai as our dimsum.  We shouldn't have ordered these as the rice topping in itself was just fine.

Serving wise, the bowl isn't small nor its too huge.  Just enough to hold two cupfuls of rice we assumed and the beef/broccoli with sauce on top, evenly covered this.  We got lots of broccoli which we liked, just two slices of carrots and ample sauce that soothes within the rice. 

Tastewise?  Sauce was flavorful and the broccoli sweet and soft (not soggy), beef was tasty and easy to bite tender.  We can't recommend this dish enough for you to try, just order this and be filled, gatronomically and emotionally :)

Pricewise, Php180 is not expensive, nor affordable maybe but for the serving size, and the taste, we felt it just comes in the middle of your price point.  In our food trips within the city, we can find food for less than Php100 but lacks in taste, and we find those who really are so yummy that would costs more than Php200.  For this price point, its midpoint in as its a winner in our tummy.  

Super Bowl of China has been around for a long time now and we are glad they can be found in most malls.  A restaurant that's been a part of our family celebrations and we are glad they kept they menu intact and their quality consistent.

Still a winner in our taste buds, you will see us reviewing some of their other dishes in the near future.