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About Town | Happiest Pinoy in 2019 is A Public School Teacher from Quezon

Finally, a teacher from Gumaca, Quezon was chosen as the Happiest Pinoy for 2019,  Cebuana Lhuiller's Search for the individual that is considered the "happiest" by creating an impact to a number of people in his or her community.

Zaldy Bueno is a 37 year old teacher who co-founded a project Pidal Apakan Dunong Yayaman, Asenso'y Kakamtan or (Padyak) in 2017.  It aims to provide for means of transport to students, a bicycle is given, for those who could not afford to travel to school.

A survivor of hardships, it wasn't easy for Zaldy to push for his project.  He being a head teacher, it is not even enough to raise a family much more other people.  He grew up helping his mom was clothes for their neighbors, and would get his daily allowance from selling vegetables he planted, just to augment the family income.  He persevered, he worked while he studied until finally he became a teacher.

Zaldy is the fourth winner of the biennial search following Richardson Navor (2015), Rommel Arellano (2012) and Winston Maxino (2009).  When asked what he will do with his money, he shared that he will use said funds to improve his Project Padyak by getting more bikes so that more students can benefit.

He was chosen by the Board of Judges composed of Usec. Zenaida Maglaya, Gang Badoy Capati, James Deakin, RJ Ledesma, Love Anover-Lianko, Jonathan Yabut, Winston Maxino, Rommel Arellano, and Richard Navor.

Zaldy's win was unanimous due to virtue of his advocacy, to see more children's lives change through education.

“I am very happy with the results of this year’s search -- with over 800,000 entries received through our branches, online, SMS, and walk-in entries. It’s been amazing to read the entries of the 10 finalists and Zaldy proves to be a worthy winner as his tale will definitely inspire countless people to push on despite life’s difficulties, Zaldy exemplifies the commendable Filipino spirit of rising up from your current predicament and using that as fuel to make a difference in the lives of others.” said Cebuana Lhuillier President and CEO, Jean Henri Lhuillier.