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Travel | Suvarnabhumi Airport Is A Wonder in Itself

Travelling in Bangkok is a joy in itself.  Starting off with their airport, your adventure begins and ends here.  Arriving here is not much as you want to pass through customs and immigration as soon as possible.  But when you leave, this will be your last tourist attraction prior to getting out of Thailand.

We suggest that you take their train from the city to the airport.  The train trip alone is a joy and would make you think about how not to leave Bangkok.  Just joking.  

The last station is beneath the airport so when you do reach it, there are restaurants to greet you when you exit the station.  You may take your breakfast or lunch there.  It might be a little more expensive compared to the city, but hey, its still a great culinary experience.

When you go up the escalator or lift to the check-in counters, you will see these huge statues overlooking the large expanse.  The check in counters of Suvarnabhumi dwarfs our Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals 1, 2 and 3 combined.  

After going through immigration, you will reach their pre-departure area and a long statue of a dragon or snake (?) will bid you farewell.  Then off to a mall you go.  Lots of retail stores can be found herein with restaurants to boot.  

Better check your departure gate so you will know how much time you need to walk to reach it.  The airport is big and if you get stuck at the other end, it takes a while to walk back to your gate.  My gate took almost 15 minutes to reach and I started from the immigration area.

Make sure you have lots of storage space on your phone to afford you lots of pictures of the airport and your mandatory selfies.