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Travel | Need For Speed in the High Seas - Bankathon sa Bantayog 2019

Bantayog 2019 is a month long festival held by the whole province of Camarines Norte in honor of our country's national hero, Jose Rizal.  A month long festivity filled with lots of activities that shall bring out the best of its citizenry. 

In the town of Mangcamagong, a place where their source of income is by living off the sea, they want to celebrate it by holding a boat race called "bangkathon".  Fisherfolks alike gather to watch their skilled and abled fishermen navigate their boats in the waters off their beaches around bouys and find out who among them is the fastest .

The same boats they used to make a living is now being used to race among themselves.   The most anticipated race category is the use of small boats that was purposely made for racing only.  Shorter in length using much powerful engines, it surely brings the skills out of the fishermen in this category.

As noted by the people who attended, we might say the event was a success.  Thanks to the organizers of this event that we were invited to witness the Bangkathon.  It was truly an experience we will hold dear till the next year.