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About Town | Brave The Hair Day with Vitress Hair Freshener

To promote the Vitress Hair Freshener, Solenn Heussaff introduced her latest acting gig, her most daring, most action packed, most demanding role ever.  She deemed it as her best in her years in the acting industry.  She gave us her first glimpse of her Vitress Hair Freshener commercial.

She prepared for her role prior and she admitted it was hard work.  With all the martial arts, jumping and running she had to do, she had to be fit just to perform all the stunts needed in that outing.  We are glad that all her efforts paid off as the commercial is entertaining to watch.

Story unfolds in the seedy part of Tondo, with her eating in a carinderya with her shiny and great smelling hair when bad odors possessed her hair.  It then tries to take over her body and soul, I guess, as she battles it out in a fierce struggle that we see her tumbling, jumping, taking the punches, hurtles into space. A real action packed spectacle.

The battle ain't happening it real life yes, but the commercial is just a representation of it.  Of how women or men with hair had to go through a bad hair day.  Dryness, dullness, frizz and split ends are common problems that are encountered in our daily lives.  Although the hair industry has developed different ways to address these, they often overlook that hair should be fragrant as well.  Vitress Hair Freshener can fight bad odors in hair and keep it smelling fresh all day long.  

Vitress offers this great product in a nice and easy spray on container.  Just a few spritz on the hair, freshness delivered.  A lightly scented product for the hair, it deodorizes with its encapsulated instafresh technology that releases a fresh, fragrant, and long lasting scent.  It effectively fights the smell that sticks to one's hair, including the smell of food, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions and sweat.  Just like Solenn does in the action commercial film, all one has to do is reach out for a bottle of Vitress Hair Freshener to achieve that shiny fresh hair anytime anywhere.