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Health | Healthway Introduces Its Newest Healthy Packages

Healh is wealth they say and what a better way to take care of one's health is by looking at a company who's focused on it.  Healthway Medical has been in the forefront of health and they have made it convenient for us peeps by locating themselves inside shopping malls.  Great way of reaching out to customers like us who are afraid of going to hospitals.

Who would think that going the mall can also take care of one's health?  Convenience is the key point in their service and they have expanded further this with the introduction of various health packages they offer to companies and individuals.

They call these their healthy lifestyle bundles.  Currently they have three bundles already being offered, the Basic 5, PrimecheQ and HealthcheQ.  Basic 5 covers an Annual Physical Exam (APE), PrimecheQ is designed to ensure healthy aging and HealthcheQ is a premium brand of Executive check up that offers a comprehensive medical text program but done with premium pampering.

As customer needs change, they now offer new bundles to address this.  WellCheQ, PhysicalCheQ, WeightCheQ, HeartCheQ, DiabeteCheQ and SportsCheQ.  These can also be called lifestyle bundles as they address to the achievement of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

WellCheQ and PhysicalCheQ provides patients with a comprehensive executive check up with full evaluation of their health. Weight/Heart/DiabetesCheQ provides patients with relevant tests to screen and monitor their weight, heart and blood sugar levels.  SportsCheQ caters to sports enthusiasts as they are designed to evaluate the physical condition of professional and amateur/ recreational athletes.

Know more about the healthy lifestyle bundles and experience a full circle of care only at Healthway Medical.  Visit their website at