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Travel | Hello again Air Asia

It took me almost two years since I rode Air Asia.  Count this my second and third time to ride with them on my to Tacloban City and back.

Travelling first flight out is something I hate and love at the same time.  I hate waking up early so instead of sleeping, I'd rather stay awake and get to the airport come 1 AM. And hoping I could sleep inside the airport (which normally I can't).  I love the early flight also as there's no traffic to contend with going to the airport.  As I said I both love and hate the first flight out.

Now going back to Air Asia, they are occupying the Terminal 4 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).  Terminal 4 being the airport of choice for their domestic destinations.  It's a small airport that was used even before Terminal 2 and 3 were constructed.  A pet peeve with Terminal 4, there is no public transport traversing this area except for taxi's and grab cars.  A very inconvenient airport.  I do hope they (airport authorities) do something about this. 

Passing through the usual security checks, checking your baggage are swift except for a long queue as they can only accommodate a handful of counters.  Just be patient, their staff is working hard and efficiently and you will be attended shortly.

When you arrive early at the airport, the pre departure won't be of a problem.  When your boarding time nears though, other flights passengers' now fill up the area.  You can't sleep anymore as people are bustling all over the pre departure.  You will wish that you will board your plane soon.

Our flight to Tacloban was just 45 minutes so after the boarding the procedures and some traffic on the tarmac, you will awakened by the captain announcing your arrival in Tacloban City.

I can't say much about Air Asia for that short duration.  Their ground crew were efficient and courteous.  The flight attendants who greeted us going up the plane, had great smiles.  No food were served as we didn't pre-order them.  It was a short flight so we decided we can manage without it.

Seeing how the flight stewards administered to those who ordered food, and who bought inflight we can say they were courteous and offered fast service granting a short flight.  I love the colors of their interiors but I dislike the faux leather head covers.  They were a bit hard making sleeping a bit of a struggle.  Just because I was awake prior to this flight that I was able to sleep soundly.  Woe to the person next to me as I may have snored. LOL.

Going back to Manila we had the same experience.  Budget airlines aren't fancy, so expect none of those things.  All it offers are comfy seats, gets you to your destination and lots of smiles coming from their staff.  If you are on a budget, I would still prefer Air Asia other than the other budget airline with bright pastel colors.

What stands out for Air Asia is their attention to service and its evident in their on time departure and arrivals and their smiles.