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Dining in Caticlan | Andok's Litson Has a Dining Area in Panay

Who knew that Andok's Litson Manok, one of your favorite brands in Manila is a full pledge restaurant in the Visayas?  We all know that in Manila they sell Dokito as take aways, but in Panay Island, you can savor the delicious fried chicken in their dining area?

Coming off your boat at the pier, you can see them clearly.  If you came by the airport, you won't miss them also as they are just in front of the Caticlan port going to Boracay.  What struck us was the presence of a dining area.  Unlike in Manila where they just offer take aways, here you can eat within their premises.

With the added dining area, they can now offer other meals not available in Manila.  For our breakfast, we got the Tocino and the Porkchops.  As we came in by boat, and other passengers had the same idea with ours, we all had breakfast and we created a long queue on the counter.

The queue was just a few minutes and we were given a number.  Our order will be served at our table so it was just a few minutes of waiting still.  The server came just a few minutes of us sitting in our table and getting our utensils and water.

Serving size was surprisingly adequate.  Rice was served with a cup larger than those used in convenience stores in Manila.  My porkchop was decent in size and a bit thicker than those in Manila.  My wife's tocino was ample and a great serving of achara (pickled papaya) and an egg nicely done sunny side up.

Taste wise, it was nice.  My pork chop was tender and the breading I would say tasted great as well.  The sauce that came with it was their standard sauce that I was used to back in Manila.  I think it was the same sauce that they serve along with their lechon manok.  I think though the sauce was just fine, but I prefer soy sauce with calamansi with my pork chop.  As far as the tocino was concerned, it was tasty and flavourful and best of all, soft.  I hate hard and chewy tocino.

Price wise?  Great for less than Php100 (USD2) each.  My pork chop was just Php72 and the tocino was for Php79.  We didn't order sodas as we prefer water keeping our bill to a minimum.  For the price, it was a great breakfast.  Who can complain with that great tasting meal for that price point?  I just wish though they would have the same offerings in Manila.  I would love to see this menu board there.