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Dining | What's Serving at House of Helen?

In one of my biking rides, it was cold and wet rainy day.  Why even bother riding in the rain?  If you knew that you have been invited for a meal with a restaurant you know that serves good food, you will.

In the far end of RFC Mall in Molino, Cavite, the restaurant I was blabbering about months back has their main branch here.  Unlike the open air dining area of the one in San Pedro, Laguna, this one in Cavite is fully airconditioned.  With plushy seating, this one is a bit uppity compared to my previous outing.

The owners were kind enough to invite me here after reading my first article on them.  I always say, its easy to write an article with good memories.  If I love the food and experience, then an article will surely flow through this writer.  This was their way of appreciating and their appreciation is great accepted with gusto.

Since it was a raining that day, they offered me their Batangas Lomi.  I was thinking how it would taste as its a bit confusing, eating Batangas Lomi in Cavite.  How would it fare against the known Batangas province?  In presentation, theirs was similar.  Lomi noodles underneath (I can't see them) covered with my favorite chicharon (with laman in some of them), then an agg, onions and green onion leaves.  They might have missed out on some other things that should have been on top but still with an abundant serving of chicharon, I can't complain.

Serving wise I had a big bowl and its filled tot he brim.  I told them to serve me their usual serving and presentation and I was glad they complied with it.  I was impressed by the serving.  It was a huge bowl and good thing I had a hearty appetite that day.  It took me a while to finish the morsel and if you not a heavy eater, I suggest to share this with a friend.  Then the appertizer came in after I had a few spoonfuls of this sinful lomi, the Nacho Salad was a great hit with me.  Nachos that are made of true Indian Corn, owing to the richness in taste.  This is the nachos I love to eat, topped with fresh ingredients and the mayo (they make their own) was truly a delectable feast, even it its just nachos.

Service was fast, we were just talking and talking, and I love talking, then my food came in.  The staff were courteous and they move fast.  Utensils, glasses were served almost immediately and all I had to do was simply eat.  This is the kind of service I liked.

Taste wise, lets start off with the Nachos.  the Indian corn truly made its presence felt as the richness in taste was there.  It's not your usual Granny Goose kind of nachos that were served here.  With fresh toppings like tomatos, lettuce and that mayonnaise which they prepare, owing for a great flavourful feast.  Huge servings with great taste, will surely make barkada bonding a bit more meaningful.  Then the Loming Batangas or Batangas Lomi as I fondly call them, was equally charming.  Taste was a bit different from the usual Batangas I know of but its not bad.  In fact it was equally flavourful.  The owner said they tweaked it to have more of their personality in them.  Try to be different from Batangas yet trying to make a name for themselves in the process.  Another one lomi to add to my growing list of favorites the one from the House of Helen.

Price wise, Nachos Salad was for Php195 and easily this could feed 4 pax as an appetizer.  Not bad for that price.  With the effort placed in them salad, I can say you are getting your money's worth it.  Then comes my Loming Batangas coming in at Php185.  I got the sharing on, not the family kind.  All I can say the price was worth it as I had a large serving of it.  After reading my taste wise and serving size portions here, its a no brainer why I would come back for more for this lomi.

So if you happen to passby RFC Mall in Molino, do say hi to them and order the lomi. Of course they offer more dishes and they pride themselves of being the Filipino cuisine in the area.  Watch our other article on their Bulalo, Pancit Bihon and Crispy Pata in our next article to celebrate my son's birthday.