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Travel | Genesis Bus Lines Going to Baler

Long bus travel is something I try to avoid as much as possible.  Who would like to ride 5 hours on an airconditioned and crammed bus?  When you ride going to Baler, we suggest you take Genesis Bus Lines in their Cubao Terminal.

What we liked with their buses?  They have a 2 x 2 seating configuration meaning only four passengers per line is allowed separated by an aisle.  And the best part is they have a rest room.  Very ideal for those with easy to fill up bladders.  They travel non-stop almost, making the journey as fast as possible.

The only stop they make is for meal stops.  Leaving almost midnight, they will make a stop over for a quick breakfast, for those leaving morning, if one can take it, they will NOT make a meal stop unless of course you hit lunch.

Should you travel early morning and the driver doesn't seem want to make a meal stop-over, one can ask them nicely to make one.  This happened on our way back to Manila.  One of the passengers asked for a meal stop over which the driver obliged, much to our delight.

Usual meals for us is buying some snacks for the trip like the Egg Cookies shown here, and as we stopped for our meals, instead of having rice which is heavy, one can opt for a small cup noodles.

Travel via Genesis is always a welcome thing for this writer and we will still continue to patronize their services in our next travels.

As of this writing, buses leave Cubao to Baler first trip is 3:00 am with one hour intervals with last trip at 7:30am.  Baler to Cubao first trip is 4:30 am with one hour intervals with 3:00 pm as their last trip.

They also ply other routes like Bataan, Baguio and La Union.  For their complete route and schedules, please refer to their site here -