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Travel | Wat Hua Lam Phong

A great way to experience Bangkok is by going in their temples.  Good thing they are not preventing us tourists to come and see the grand designs of their temples.  From these structures you can see their rich culture indeed.

Wat Hua Lam Phong is easily reached by using their subway from wherever you are in the city.  This temple is smack right in the middel of their urban city and you will be surprised how they were able to preserve this temple and its very opposite to the highly modern office buildings that surrounds it.

Thai people are religious they said and they visit their temples even during weekdays we noticed.   A number of their faithful we found inside, some of them buying these floral candles and lit, placed them on flowing water while they prayed.

Unlike our churches, tourists have to pay THB40 each for maintenance purposes for you to enter.  Also you will be reminded to take off your shoes when going inside their temples.  Be wary with the warning sign, take care of your shoes as some get stolen.  A travel tip, instead of leaving your shoes in their rack, ask for a plastic (yes not environment friendly) bag so you can carry your shoes in them.  We suggest you bring your own bag just in case.

Be quiet inside the premises and simply take pictures.  Be respectful with their beliefs and to those who pray inside these temples.  Be a considerate tourist is all we ask of you when you do visit Wat Hua Lam Phong or any temples you go into.

When you are inside, get ready to be awed with their artistry and attention to detail.  Check the doors, check the roof, check those ceilings.  Wow, aside from the gold inlays, get hold of the intricacies of their adornments.

I was simply amazed by how rich their culture was and how it was truly different from ours.  They somehow held on to their traditions and faith that it showed into the modern age.  I was glad I was able to bear witness to this fact.

After just seeing this destination which is not that a popular destination compared to the golden buddha.  I am a tourist who doesn't want to see other tourists, so if you are like me, you will appreciate this place.  With what I saw here, its no wonder Bangkok or Thailand had more visitors than my own country the Philippines.