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Dining | Ramen with Tomato? Tokyo Tokyo

In the movie Ramen Girl, a story about an american girl who somehow got disillusioned in her lovelife.  She found Ramen to have an effective way of healing her wounds so she asked to be an apprentice in a Ramen shop.  She being an american, could not easily adhere to the tradition of creating Ramen.  She innovated and she introduced tomatoes in her Ramen dish.  This was a big no no as per her Ramen mentor but she proved her wrong in the end as she served this dish to the authoritative figure in Ramen.  Her ramen was found to be refreshingly new and innovative.

Now that I found the same dish in Tokyo Tokyo, I got to try it out.  Beef is sweet and the broth is tasty, I wonder how it would blend with the taste of tomato which I knew has a strong flavour.  It overpowers your sinigang so I am curious how it would taste like in Ramen.

Being Tokyo Tokyo, I am confident they will make something good with this ingredient so ordered this dish.  It has beef in it so what could go wrong?

Serving wise, they offered this ramen in a big bowl as the rest of their meals.  Costing Php160, it is right up the same price with all their dishes.  The big bowl was, in fact a big bowl.  I had great amount of serving of ramen and broth.  The thin slices of beef was roasted well, and was cooked just right.  I love the ramen soft boiled egg on it and immediately I had a chuck out of it.

Ramen noodles were cooked just right, not al dente like spaghetti, but slurpable to the best of my ability.  The tomatoes, well..... that's another thing.  When I tried the broth at first, I was taken to the time I had a taste of Beef sinigang.  I was hoping it would taste like bulalo but somehow it wasn't.  The taste of tomatoes ruined it for me.  The once flavourful taste of ramen was obscured by the sourness of the tomatoes.  Yes its a refreshing change but somehow it doesn't feel well with me.  Maybe others might like it but I won't be having another one anytime soon.