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Dining | VJ Batangas Lomi offers Php39 Meal

When restaurants go unlimited with their rice and food and what have you, some do it the other way.  They offer Php39 meals.  VJ Batangas Lomi is already great with offering their lomi and they come up with this.

They have two meals with this price are that of their crispy pork and siomai.  Each meal consists of one proteir, rice and a cup of their famous batangas lomi.  During this visit, we tried out the crispy pork.

Service was the usual, fast and courteous in this Muntinlupa branch along the highway.  It's near a university so most likely this place is packed on weekdays.  My visit was a weekend so diners are a few that day.

Serving wise, a cup of rice is a cup.  So no issues there.  The crispy pork I had a four strips.  Its a few I guess but if you eat them sparingly, you can live through this one.  Good thing they offered a good amount of batangas lomi soup.  The soup tastes great so you can use this to smother the rice, using the crispy pork as a kicker.  

Flavors is another surprise here.  The lomi was salty as normal as any lomi, rice was sweet, then the pork strips adds in the flavour.  Surprisingly, harmony in flavors can be found here.  I had a great time eating here and I forgot its just costed me Php39.