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Food | Street Hopia for Php5 each

On my way home, I always see this kind of hopia just after SM Muntinlupa.  It made me curious as to how it would taste.  It was bugging me for months since I rarely go to SM Muntinlupa.  

Finally when I had a chance to bike through this area, I was glad that I had that chance to try out this new street food and I was surprised.  I was used to having monggo, pork, pineapple, ube in my hopia, but right there and then I was given additional flavors.

The new offerings were in the form of sisig, chocolate and cheese.  She carried 5 flavors and by looking at the markings on the hopia, she was able to identify the correct flavors when you order.

Sisig was the best seller and it was sold out when I was there.  Cheese flavor intrigue me as how could cheese be made into a hopia?  So I ordered 5 of these, and I ordered 5 of that chocolate.

Each hopia costs Php5 each, so having Php50 total order is not bad.  Serving size is like your regular hopia which was a handful already.  I had 2 pieces and I was almost full already.  I just had them to taste so I can review said hopia.  The rest of the hopia I gave to my kids (with no complaints).

Cost wise I like the price, serving size, having 2 or 3 is a good eat already.  Service was fast, as hopia is a fast cooking morsel so waiting will just be a few minutes.  The seller also says that during certain hours in the day, she prepares or cooks a lot anticipating the rush of orders.

I do hope I can buy again from her other flavors like the sisig and ube.  If you are not queasy in eating street food, then try this out.  She's located on the parking area of whose building is beside that of McDonalds.  Opposite that of the Muntinlupa Police detachment.