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Dining | Samgyupking is your Samgyup with a Plus

When was the last time you ate pinoy street food? Would you like to have on eat all you can? plus a glass of milktea with black tapioca pearls? best part it's inside the mall? Samgyupking gotchu!

The food selection have five main meat slices, condiments, variety of side dishes and variety of skewers.

The five main meat choices are Chicken Bulgogi, Beef Bulgogi, Beef seasoned with Salt & Pepper, Pork Bulgogi and Pork season on Salt & Pepper. Their seasoned Beef Bulgogi is a must try, it's good without the sauce.

For more taste the condiments they offer are Korean spicy paste, sesame oil, pepper, vinegar and soy sauce.

If you're looking for a match for these meats, they have sauteed baby potatoes (potato marbles) with sesame seeds, pickled radish and carrot, cheese flavored potato wedges, marinated fried chicken wings, gyeran mari (Korean egg roll) and the kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage). If you prefer rice, they serve white rice. If you prefer something light, they have plenty of romaine lettuce to wrap the cooked meat.

Prepare to fill your wood platter for the skewers because they have garlic longganisa, pork barbecue, spicy pork barbecue, isaw (pork intestine), pork skin, pig's ear, chicken intestine, pork sausage and corn. You will probably go back for more.

The pinoy street food taste experience is there. It is safe to say the food is clean. You will enjoy chatting with your friends and family while you place your skewers over the self-turning grill machine heated with charcoal. There's also a flat top grill on the side for the sliced meat cuts, you'll need somebody who can cook for everyone in the table.

There are two milk tea that are available. Taro (purple) personal favorite the sweetness is just right and the Okinawa (beige or caramel color) which is best for the summer season.

The restaurant is spacious for enough customers to accommodate. The ventilation for the grilling of the food are effective. It's air-conditioned place.

Price per head is 499PHP. You can have all the food available with FREE one glass of milktea of choice. Ready your 80 PHP for another glass of milktea.

Opens on mall hours. The restaurant is located near the cinema.

Location: 4th Level, Fishermall, Quezon City.

Stay tuned for Samgyupking. Give them a like on their official Facebook page.
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