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Money Matters | Market Outlook for 2nd Half of 2020 by Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc.

Yesterday we had experienced our first Zoom Webinar and we had the Market Outlook for 2020 by Sun Life Asset Management Company Inc. (SLAMCI).  

Kicking off the webinar was the announcement of the various online portals and functionalities offered by SLAMCI in matter of personal investment.  Like Online Applications and the manner of online payments as well.  What a brighter way to invest.

SLAMCI also offers salary deductions so that you don't have to worry about missing out on your investments.

Now going back to the Market Outlook, Mike Enriquez, SLAMCI's Chief Investments Officer narrated the global market standpoint that major markets are starting to re open, that from effects of the virus a lot of jobless claims have been filed in the United States and that futures contracts were likewise affected touching on negative prices and positive outlook on experimental drugs are in offing, hoping to provide a vaccine against this Covid-19 virus.

He also outlined what the Philippine Government has done to respond to this pandemic.

In the end, he still is optimistic that our country shall experience a U shaped type of recovery whereby our GDP will contract in the next quarters or so and that we shall have a slow recovery thereafter.  This is his conservative estimate and that we shall undergo double recession dips nor the long recovery that may take several years.

It's been a trying time for all of us and we are glad that SLAMCI continues to monitor the situation diligently and updates up religiously with its reports and predictions.  Hope to catch more of these webinars in the future.  It's the safest way to meet people nowadays keeping us away from ever exposing ourselves to the pandemic.