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About Town | UPL Philippines introduces a Reduced Risk way of fighting Mosquitoes

In a recent virtual launch held by UPL Philippines, hosted by beauty queen Angelia Ong and company representative, Marvin Angeles, they introduced Natular DT.  A product that's Spinosad based larvicide that's classified as a Reduced Risk chemical.

Reduced Risk means it has low toxicity much so it won't affect our pets and us, but lethal to its target, the larvae of mosquitoes.  It effectively disrupts its life cycle preventing them to be flying adults, a flying menace if we can call it.

Using only a tablet for a container of 200 liters, its proven effective to kill mosquito larvae within 12-24 hours of application.  As per studies made by a local scientist, Dr. Pio Javier, the product is still proven to be effective for 60 days.

With its effect against mosquitoes, its touted to be one of the best to fight the country's dreaded Aedis Aegypti.  The one that carries the dengue disease.  We have been fighting this one for a long time and now we have a new weapon in Natular DT, thanks to UPL Philippines.

Its now available in 50 piece blister packs.  Usage can be adjustable depending on the volume of water concerned.

For more questions, you may visit the UPL Philippines Facebook page here.