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What better way to start and end your day, surely with a 12 in 1 non-dairy, non-acidic coffee!

South Hills Coffee for today’s busy and stressful life : loaded with a combination of nature’s wonders : carcinia cambogia for its weight loss and fat metabolism properties; acai berry for heart and skin health and immune system boost; green tea for memory and attention, and youthful glow; mangosteen which is rich in anti-oxidants (Xanthione) known as anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and anti-diabetes; stevia as natural sweetener recommended for diabetics (keeps blood sugar level in check), mushroom helps in cell regeneration, with Vitamin D for healthy bones and nervous system; omega 3 - a natural anti-depressant, promotes brain, eye and heart health, anti-inflammatory, and helps those with rheumatoid arthritis and also reduces liver fat; meca root from Peru, for men’s erectile dysfunction and aids women with postmenstrual issues, improves blood pressure, boosts energy and endurance and fights free radicals.

South Hills Coffee is a proudly Philippine made wellness coffee, with a  “Wonderful taste down to the last drop! “ and believes that attaining good health need not be expensive.

South Hills Coffee is (manufactured and distributed by South Hills Trading, 

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fb: jonathan escotido, mobile number 09995791734

exported and has gained a wide following in  Middle East especially at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2014.