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Film | And here comes ANNA (2019)


When one is trapped in one abusive domestic violent marriage, one will grab the first escape she's dealt with.  Such is the case with Anna Poliatova (played by Sasha Luss).  She accepts an offer with the KGB and trained hard for it.  As part of her deal, she worked under Olga (played by Helen Mirren) for five years.  She hopes that after those years she will be able to be free and can do whatever she wants.  Lo and behold this wasn't true. She was trapped already in a bad marriage, yet now she's trapped again with the KGB.  Her only way out of the KGB was death.

She continued to work with the KGB as an undercover playing a fashion model in Paris.  During her spare time she conducts mission orders given to her by her handler Olga.  She was good at it until she was discovered by the CIA wherein she was asked to be an undercover agent.  Agent Miller (played by Cillian Murphy) promised her freedom once they do a mission undermining the KGB.

In the end, she was able to maneuver herself from the clutches of the KGB and CIA.

Watching the film was like watching Leon the Professional.  A movie about an assassin in New York and this one was similar in its action scenes and feel.  It's no wonder they are the same, they have the same director in Luc Besson.  Him being one of our great directors of all time. 

We love the actors who are in this movie, who doesn't love Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy and Helen Mirren backing up Sasha Luss?  A powehouse cast like that won't make this film bad whatever angle you look at it.

Even being a real life model, Sasha Luss really pulled a big one here in Anna.  She's like a woman John Wick, great with a gun, with hand to hand combat.  We like her as Anna, from the action to the emotional scenes, we can't get enough of her being a great actress who can make us smile, cry and be amazed at the same time.

The supporting cast may not have a lot of screen time, the trio of Evans, Murphy and Mirren was noticeable enough that it gives credence to the movie in total.  They complete Anna's story in the movie and it was difficult to find fault in this entertaining movie.  Character development from start was great to establish Anna's beginnings, then the story weave of her being a spy turned double agent was likewise given a nice touch.  The only thing we can complain is the number of backstories we had to contend with.  It's something we didn't find in other Besson's films yet we find them a lot in Anna.

If you are like us who are fascinated with Korean dramas, then you will like the back stories.  Very not Besson if you ask us but we can forgive him if there were a few but here we found a lot and it sometimes leaves us with a notion that there might more.  Sadly the movie ended and were still left hanging if there would be. LOL.

Anyway, the movie is a great watch and lucky for you its now being aired on Netflix and its trending even after a month of release.