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Film | Bloodshot (2020)


After returning to his wife, US Marine Ray Garrison (played by Vin Diesel) both went to Italy for that needed holiday.  A happy getaway turned into horror when they were kidnapped by a group of mercenaries.  His wife gets killed and Ray later on was awakened by a tech company Rising Spirit Tech.  A company who develops cybernetic prosthetics for former US military peeps.

Garrison then learns that he was or is the first successful candidate brought to life using special nanite technology.  He is then accepted into a team of enhanced former military personnel led by the Company's CEO Dr. Emil Harting (played by Guy Pearce).

High tech as he is, he is still human so he experiences some memory flashbacks of his dead wife.  Against the company policies, Garrison uses his new nanite technology to track down his wife's killers.  He was able to track him down to Budapest and proceeds to escape Dr. Harting's facilities.  He eventually was able to kill his wife's killers and was returned to the facility for his so called "recovery".

His recovery was a process of re programming and later it was found out that the flash backs were not true.  His wife was never killed and the killer in his flashbacks where Dr. Harting's rivals in the company.  Garrison was simply being used as a hired killer.  His false flashbacks were programmed by Dr. Harting so he will be enraged and will be an effective killer.

Eventually he learned that truth, that his wife is still alive and had moved on.  She thought he died so she had a life already without him.  Knowing the truth he eventually defeats the Company with the help of another programmer in Wiggans (played by Lamorne Morris) and another Rising Spirits Tech enhanced individual KT (played by Eiza Gonzales).

Overall, Vin Diesel, awesome as he is, we feel his acting is the same with his Fast and Furious franchise.  We simply can't see him as a US Marine or ex Marine for that matter.  You don't see him in most action scenes as well, he's there in the midst of things, but they are CGI of him and he looks goofy in them.  It's like watching Spiderman CGI all over again and it is kinda boring if you ask us.

Action scenes were not that exceptional and nothing excites us in the movie as well.  The trailer already is the story by in itself. We all knew the plot and where it was going so we had fun with our popcorn instead.

Now showing in Netflix, but please don't watch the trailer.  Its the entire movie already.