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Film | When you watch IQ (1994) you will definitely shout Wahoo!!!


During the 90's Meg Ryan is a surefire hit for romantic comedies and here she tries her best alongside another great actor in Tim Robbins.

Tim here is Ed Walters, a small town mechanic who immediately falls in love with Catherine Boyd (played by Meg Ryan), who's an accomplished mathematician.  Although she's engaged, this didn't stop Ed from pursuing her.

In his attempt to woo her, Ed manages to make an introduction to her uncle, the great Albert Einstein (played by Walther Matthau).  Even at that brief first meeting, Ed impressed on Einstein that the latter believed that he is the better fit for his niece than Catherine's current boyfriend.  Albert then helps Ed in his quest for the love of Catherine.  At this juncture the comedy moments starts to roll.

Albert concocts a scheme to make Ed a "wunderkind", or a new found genius.  Albert and his genius friends tried their best to make his look like them, complete with nerdy attire.  This lie rolled bigger with more lies up to the point that Ed would publish his own paper (it was Einstein's old theory) and read it to the whole scientific community.

Catherine eventually falls with Ed but she saw through the lies.  She was able to read through Ed's paper (Einstein's actually) and proved it to be false.  She broke up reluctantly with Ed, but as fate would have it (actually it was Einstein's doing again), both found each other in a field where one can do stargazing and both fell in love again.

If you ask us, both actors were decent, but somehow both lacked the magic or sparkle that you find in "Sleepless in Seattle".  Tim Robbins is great here, but as a comedian, he is not.  But he does his best as Tim Robbins would do, do drama.  The comedy was neither delivered by Meg Ryan as she should have been serious as a mathematician but somehow there were some scenes that we see her character in "You've got Mail".  The only actor who stood out here was Albert Einstein err Walther Matthau.  He delivered the kicker here along with his cooky scientist friends who provided the comedy from start to finish.

Although classified as a romantic comedy, we can say it delivered more comedy than romance.  We love the story line and the although the plot may a bit used, it provided still a fresh take with some witty lines from Albert Einstein.

If you want to be E=MC2 then head off to Amazon Prime Video and shout Wahoo together with the great scientist.