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Film | When you got 2 GUNS (2013) Blazing


Seldom we see Denzel Washington so it's a great thing to see him here with no less than Mark Wahlberg as his co star.  A simple story of undercover peeps with a lot of twists make up a good story telling of a movie here in 2 guns.

Just to keep the story short and simple, we get two undercover agents from two different government offices who kept their identities secret from each other.  So criminals Bobby (played by Washington) and Stig (played by Wahlberg) got a shock of their lives that after they pulled off a huge bank heist, they learned that they were on the same side after all.

No story won't be complete without evil men so we have them at all sides here.  We have the men from the Navy, the DEA and the cartel running after them after stealing away 43 million dollars.  That's a lot of stories right there.

Everything gets done when our two unlikely heroes would eventually team up and hoodwinked all those who are after them.  Making this movie fun and exciting to watch.  A must watch if you ask us so we didn't spill much of the story herein.

Denzel Washington is still in his cool self here, but somehow his acting here is similar to that in the movie Equalizer so still a great watch.  We love Mark Wahlberg's facial reactions when he's bewildered so when his forehead twitches, we know he's acting.  

Currently being shown on Netflix, so make sure this is in your playlist.