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2023 life goal is to invest on health

It is often said that “good health is a valuable asset”. Our upbringing with our grandparents instilled in us the importance of taking care of our health, as they believed that hospitalization was costly and they preferred staying at home.

They taught us to include vegetables and chicken or fish in our daily diet and to consume fruits as our dessert. They also emphasized the significance of taking multi-vitamins regularly. Although we found these foods boring as children and wished for a more delightful meal such as fried chicken from the happy bee, we now understand their importance.

As we grew older and became occupied with school or work, health became a lower priority, as we were young and able. Choosing affordable and healthy food options as an adult can be challenging, and often we give in to “budol” – purchasing food that is trendy or recommended by friends, even if it may not be the healthiest option. We are guilty of indulging in these food cravings.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Philippines experienced a lockdown due to the spread of the airborne coronavirus in major cities. This compelled us to follow strict health protocols, search for the most affordable vaccine available, and adhere to confinement, which added stress to our lives financially, physically, and mentally.

We have come to realize that our fast-paced lifestyle to make ends meet has left us vulnerable to health issues, and hospitalization can be financially burdensome. If we have made it this far, this is the sign that we take our health seriously and invest in it.

I’d like to share about The Health Triangle, the World Health Organization version - it emphasizes the need for balance among three key areas. Ignoring any one of these key areas can have a ripple effect.

Physical Health – a healthy body will give us confidence. This can make us be more productive. It can inspire the people around us and they can help you as well. To achieve this, we adopt an active lifestyle and commit to exercise.

Mental Health – nurturing our inner selves can help us deal with stress. To improve this part, we make time to rest and be mindful of our consumption habits. We pay attention to our food choices and limit our exposure in the digital world.

Social Health – balance of the first two will make our connection meaningfully with others. We become comfortably being ourselves and actively participate in the community to build strong social connection.

Neglecting one of these three keys can lead to a strained relationship with others. For example a clouded mind can hinder personal growth and negatively impact physical and social well-being. May we all start to invest early in our health for it will bring us a positive outcome for both of us and our dear ones.

I’m grateful for the new learning in Sun Talks and having a partner in life who’s committed to serve the community and devising life plans to fit in our needs. It is recommended to consult with a Financial Advisor to thoroughly examine their plans and determine the one that fulfills your needs.

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