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ChopStop (Festival Mall)

Chopstop is a place where you can get your chops and chows and chugs they say. But for me I simply want to call them my chops. They have a branch in McKinley exchange however I was not given the pleasure of dining in. I was blessed in Festival Mall when I was between meetings and luckily I found them at the Food Court level of the mall said.

I immediately ordered the Jack Daniel Pork Chop, can not remember the exact name but what I remember was how big the serving was for the price point. It was bigger than what I expected and evidence to this is the fact that I ordered an extra cup of rice. I was so in a hurry thus was not able to savor the other dishes in their menu.

Overall the dining experience was good, not great but not disappointing. Place in Festival Mall is a bit small so I do not know how they will hold up with the lunch crowd. Small place but not stuffy I call it. Definitely I 'll be back to savor the other dishes.