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Kimono Ken (Shangrila Mall EDSA)

Kimono Ken is a Japanese restaurant with lots of branches. I popped in for a bite in their branch in Mall Edsa Shangrila. A spacious dining area and well lit and with a japanese greeting meeting you at the entrance. Great experience at the start, I said well and good.

Ordered the California Maki and the mixed seafood ramen and a few minutes later, delivered. The Maki came first then the ramen followed. Its a bit pricey compared to my favorite budget friendly, but the extra cost came with extra perks. Both tasted great and I forgot about the price of it. Dining experience was also good since most waiters immediately attend to you at your beckon (or maybe we were just 3 customers at the time). The bill also came as fast as the food was served, so thats a plus again.

A good set of menus, a good set of taste, if you are looking for in a japanese restaurant inside a mall that will entice you yet not break the bank, then Kimono Ken is for you.