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My lazy two days in Baguio

I don't usually title an article with a negative (lazy), but here goes. Unlike other articles you read on the internet, this article is not designed for you to travel to a lot of places in Baguio in such a short amount of time. We do not want you to zip through all these places and feel tired at the end of it all. This lazy get away article was designed to give relaxation and memorable experience with your love ones.

To get most of this experience lazy, ride a bus from Manila, Cebu or Manila Friday midnight. There are a lot of buses going to Baguio but we prefer riding the Genesis or the Victory Liner. Bus fare is Php445 one way. Departing midnight or 1am of will give you an arrival time in Baguio around 6am, depending on the number of stop overs you will be having. My bus had 3 stop overs, with the last stop for a long lasting 20mins or so, and thats near Baguio already. If you want to get a good sleep, take the deluxe bus of Joy Bus Line (located same with Genesis terminal in Cubao), fare costs Php720 includes WIFI and a restroom inside the bus. With no stops, its fastest travel time is roughly 4 hours.

Day One
Arriving in Baguio 6am, you can take your breakfast at the carinderia at the bus station drop off, or 24 hours and familiar fast food joints, or at 456 Chinese restaurants in Session Road. You have to walk these eating places. If you want the famous Good Taste Restaurant, simply take a taxi, fare roughly Php40 and have breakfast there.

Baguio mornings are cool so walking is not so bad this time of day. Go to Burnham Park right away. TRIVIA - the park was named after an American city planner Daniel Hudson Burnham. He laid out the streets around Camp John Hay. There are lots to see on such a small area of ​​a park. Most notable to visit or do are biking (P50 per hour average), having your picture taken in Igorot attire (Php75 per pic) and riding boats in the manmade lake (Php100 for 30 minutes).

Should you go hungry, you may proceed to the Slaughterhouse located in Lower Magsaysay Road. Take a taxi (roughly Php45) they know the place. There are a lot of restaurants there offering meat items, such as roast pork belly and the Baguio Bulalo. Both are super tasty as they used freshly slaughtered meat obviously.

After lunch you check in at your hotel (please see another article as to where to stay in Baguio). Sleep and rest a while as the sun is most likely wrecking havoc in Baguio. The city is not as cold before and during lunch till afternoon. Should you brave this heat, theres Baguio Museum just at the end of Harisson Road, just visit the Rizal Monument in front of their City Hall, and oh, do not forget to passby the Baguio Public Market to buy pasalubongs early. TIP - buy pasalubongs early so that you still have time to haggle. Do not buy these at the bus station.

Try to walk around Baguio especially along session road and at the top there's the Baguio Cathedral. You may take your anticipated mass there at 6pm. Then proceed to SM Baguio (what?) Grab your dinner. This is the only SM I know that does not use air-conditioners and proceed at the back, theres a patio overlooking some part of Baguio that will blow your breath away.

After dinner, walk around Session Road and you will find a number of cafes you can sit and lounge about. Do this until 9pm till. After that, proceed to Harisson Road and experience their daily night market. We suggest trying out their Bulalo pair with noodles. A must to try. There are also non-food items such as shoes, jackets and other wearables and trinkets. Move around and you might find a bargain. Area is secured so do not be afraid to stay a little bit longer out.

If you are a night person, there are a lot of bars near session road. For this visit, we did not try this as this writer headed back to the hotel before midnight.

Day Two
Have breakfast at your hotel, or .... we suggest going to the slaughterhouse. Its a village in Lower Magsaysay Road where they have literally a slaughterhouse. I was skeptical at first when this place was suggested to me. I was picturing dirty and smelly areas where small restaurants abound. I was wrong. The place was clean and big restaurants abound. Take a taxi going to this place as traffic is still light. Drivers know the place. Eating breakfast is ideal here as lunchtime tends to be busy. Ask right away who has already Bulalo ready to serve.

This place is near Baguio Central Mall, so you may want to dropby this place as well. Its your typical small mall in Manila but with a twist. Opposite this mall is again the Baguio Public Market. Another last stop for pasalubongs. Along the way going towards Session Road is Abanao Mall. A small mall but is filled with many stuffs of Baguio. From the Public Market to this mall you will see me where some stores, you may find a bargain along the way.
By this time its before lunchtime, go to Rose Cafe. Have a taste of their pasta, their specialty. This writer ordered the Chicken Mami and it did not disappoint. After lunch, you may want to head home and go back to Manila. Taking a bus is just right around 1-2pm to arrive in Manila around 5-6pm. Remember its traffic in EDSA so better go home early.

Although stretching your stay in Baguio till 12MN is okay, but arrived in Manila around 6am leaves little time for you to get ready for work. Spending two days in Baguio and getting back to work monday tired is not my kind of vacation.

There are other places to go in Baguio but squeezing them in this two day vacation is not my idea of ​​fun. Baguio has many things to offer and it's worth your while to go back again.