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Ikkuryo Fukouka Ramen

Situated at the heart of Bonifacio High Street is Ikkuryo Fukouka Ramen.  With a big ass sign, you wont miss this ramen house.  Although they have a small footprint, it sports a calming ambiance for this hungry wanderer.  Although japanese in nature, it doesn't feel as such inside.  As we ordered, their menu is mostly, what else, Ramen (they have other dishes as well, but don't expect much).

Ramen prices averages from Php380 to Php400 and it comes in a big bowl.  The bowls are the big ones so you'll be full after eating. 

Service is commendable, above average I should say, and the food is superb.  The ramen I ordered was spot on.  Some say its comparable to that in Japan however I can't affirm this as I haven't been to Japan and sampled an authentic japanese ramen.  I hope in the future I can do so (fingers crossed).