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Red Planet Hotels (Davao)

Red Planet Hotel is an international branded budget hotel. They can be seen around Manila and in our case, we were booked at their site Davao. Upon entering, security was tight, our bags were checked (all visitors are) and we were guided to their reception area and the second floor. As our flight arrived early, our room was not ready. They offered us to hold on to our baggages while we wait for our room to be available. We would love to walk around while waiting Davao but its location was a bit of a problem. It was to inconvenient to walk towards the nearest mall, it was also so short of a distance to take a cab, and we felt that our room will be available soon anyway so we opted to stay in the lobby. Their lobby is slightly aircon, so be prepared if its a bit hot for your taste.

To while away the time, they have computers on the wall where you can do your email and surfing stuff. They also have a huge TV screen with which you can take selfies with their Red Planet Hotel pics border and have these sent to your email. clever way of getting your email address if you ask me.
Being a budget hotel, they do not have a phone in your room, in case you need one, there's one near the elevator or lift just to call concierge. Should you want to call someone outside, you use your mobile phone, go figure right? Now do you want room service and you wonder how to call for it? fret no more, every room has WIFI so they encourage everyone to download their mobile app and all requests are there for you. You can chat directly with concierge and feel like a millionaire (i wish). This mobile app is so convenient that I chatted with them while I was outside the hotel and ordered additional towels. If it were other hotels, they will simply go to your room and place the towels in the bathroom. I was surprised they chatted me back with this message - you were not in your room so we placed them already in your bathroom. I also chatted with them about my laundry and since this service is outsourced, they can not deliver it, you have to passby reception and pick them up.

Overall experience was okay and for a budget hotel, this is okay. Although maybe for some, it's still a bit pricey. If you are on a business trip, their hotel is right up your alley. If you are a family and would stay here? Tell your kids they do not have a pool, that will tell you if you want to book with Red Planet.